Every organization is designed to fulfill a purpose and create value. SI’s organizational and workforce development services help to generate higher levels of performance by harnessing human potential and strengthening organizational capabilities.

  • Management Consulting and Advisory Services

  • Organizational Capacity Strengthening

  • Human Capital Management

  • Change Management

  • Organizational Diagnosis

  • Leadership Development

  • Business Process Improvement

  • Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

  • Training and Learning Solutions

Organizational and workforce development (OWD) involve the complex art and science of diagnosing, aligning, and improving an organization’s capabilities through strategy, leadership, human capital, culture, and systems, and then institutionalizing change processes for higher performance. OWD interventions help to align people’s efforts and various organizational systems and processes with strategic objectives, thus leveraging human potential towards achieving organizational performance. This work addresses complex organizational issues through effective solutions that are rooted in data, respect, and shared ownership.

We partner with clients for results, offering business process mapping, stakeholder consultation, scenario-based planning, and tailored needs assessments. We also specialize in behavior change, using metrics and learning-driven data to shape small and large organizational efforts by tapping into leadership and change agents and supporting them in making change “stick.” Our partnering teams and engagements are led by organizational development experts, industrial and organizational psychologists, change management experts, and management consultants who have provided an excellent track record of services to private sector, public, and non-governmental organizations.

Working with a range of public and private sector clients, SI’s OWD solutions have helped organizations manage complex and small-scale transitions, optimize business processes, improve culture and practice, align workforce and talent management needs to better execute strategy, strengthen leadership practices and behaviors, and institutionalize DEI principles in the workplace. SI’s solutions have guided, scaled, and sustained significant structural changes for clients.

Key Contacts

Salman Jaffer
Salman Jaffer Senior Director