Agriculture & Food Security

BMGF Nigeria Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation and Strategic Services

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SI is currently providing technical assistance to the BMGF Nigeria Country Office (NCO) in the form of strategy development and MLE assistance. SI is developing a MLE Framework to track the performance of the NCO’s strategy and provide a framework for alignment of its portfolio and investment efforts in Nigeria. By tracking progress and assessing contribution, the MLE Plan aims to provide a fuller picture of the NCO’s investment and strategy and ultimately guide leadership decision-making.

Developmental Evaluation Pilot Activity (DEPA-MERL)

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Developmental Evaluation Pilot Activity - Monitoring, Evaluation, Research, and Learning Innovations (DEPA-MERL) is the first major effort to pilot Developmental Evaluation (DE) at USAID. The DE approach is designed to support learning and strategic adaptation of innovative projects, programs, or activities, untested theories of change, and/or implementation in complex contexts.

Afghanistan SUPPORT II

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SI works with Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. to provide monitoring and evaluation services to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of USAID/Afghanistan’s programs through Services Under Program & Project Offices for Results Tracking Phase I and II

USDA Cochran Fellowship Program Monitoring & Evaluation System

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SI developed a Results Framework and monitoring and evaluation (M&E) system for the USDA Cochran Fellowship Program (CFP). CFP brings professionals from developing countries to the United States for two week trainings on agricultural production and food processing. SI also trained CFP staff on understanding the Results Framework and M&E tools to improve program management.

Food Security Service Center

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SI provides USAID with key technical assistance and services to support the US government’s Feed the Future initiative. This initiative aims to combat hunger, reduce poverty, and forge long-term solutions to chronic food insecurity and under nutrition. The Food Security Service Center serves as a resource for the USAID Bureau for Food Security and USAID Missions around the world.

USDA Food for Progress Trade Expansion & Agricultural Market Development

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SI identified key research questions on expanding trade and markets for agricultural products. The resulting Learning Agenda, helps the US Department of Agriculture Foreign Agricultural Service Food for Progress Program prioritize impact evaluations and other evaluations, policy analysis, and research efforts supported by USDA and its implementing partners.

USAID Avansa Monitoring and Evaluation Project

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SI is working with USAID to support sustainable economic growth in the Timor-Leste agriculture sector. We provide monitoring and evaluation services to the USAID Mission to increase the use of evidence in the management of the Avansa Agrikultura Project.

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