SI developed three courses that incorporate adult learning methods and the latest MEL guidance from USAID’s Automated Directives System Chapter 201. The trainings target USAID staff in roles that require differing levels of MEL knowledge, from basic familiarity with MEL concepts to the skills required to oversee complex evaluation activities.


To build USAID staff capacity in performance monitoring, evaluation, and learning.


SI revised three courses that incorporate the latest ADS 201 guidance, and target USAID staff with differing needs for performance monitoring, evaluation, and learning.

The Essentials course equips participants to implement USAID Performance Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning policies and understand how MEL fits in the USAID Program Cycle. It covers Performance Management Plans and Project and Activity MEL Plans, and guides participants in the basics of selecting appropriating indicators, applying data quality standards to assess data, knowing when to conduct an evaluation, and preparing an evaluation Statement of Work, among other topics.

The Applied course targets USAID staff who must lead MEL activities within their teams, and thus need greater skill in applying MEL concepts. The course prepares participants to oversee performance monitoring planning and implementation to ensure efficient monitoring based on methodologically sound indicators and quality performance data. It equips them to commission an evaluation, including such considerations as staffing, cost, and to evaluation questions.  The course also provides guidance and support to evaluation managers to ensure that evaluations are useful and that findings and recommendations contribute to decision making.

The Advanced Topics in Evaluation course provides participants a deeper understanding of the complexities of evaluation. It covers topics including types of evaluation designs and questions, qualitative and quantitative analysis, sampling techniques, data visualization, and Collaboration, Learning and Adapting. It also gives participants practical skills to oversee an evaluation process, from start to finish, in the midst of challenging field realities.


  • Revised Essentials, Applied, and Advanced Topics in Evaluation courses for USAID staff.
  • As of December 2016, SI has delivered over 20 trainings to more than 300 USAID staff.


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