In addition to working with traditional civil society organizations (CSOs), SI will work with entities like foundations, universities, and private sector organizations (Intermediate Support Organizations) that typically provide technical and organizational support to CSOs.


To improve institutional capacity and increase sustainability of Mexican Intermediate Support Organizations (ISOs) and Civil Society Organizations (CSOs).


The Civil Society Activity will help these organizations work effectively by reducing barriers to legal registration. SI will establish a grants program for organizations working in crime and violence prevention, criminal justice reform, and human rights. SI will also work to strengthen the Human and Institutional Capacity Development of targeted organizations.

  • Conduct an assessment outlining the barriers to obtaining legal registration
  • Create a landscape map of Mexican CSO and ISO actors
  • Identify opportunities for establishing public-private partnerships and strategic alliances
  • Build CSO and ISO skills to establish public-private partnerships
  • Create platforms in which stakeholders can work together to discussion opportunities for collaboration with government, private sector, and academic entities
  • Deliver trainings on grants management



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