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The goal of the Food Security Service Center is to increase the effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability of Feed the Future programs. The Food Security Service Center plays a critical role promoting food security self-sufficiency and sustainability.


  • Develop Feed the Future priority objectives and actions for engaging young people in food security and programming in agriculture, food systems, and nutrition
  • Provide policy analysis and support for USAID/Guatemala to promote dialogue and information sharing with Government of Guatemala counterparts
  • Provide critical Knowledge Management and Learning Support to the Center for Resilience in BFS
  • Support on-going FtF activities that focus on advancing the African Union-led Comprehensive African Agriculture Development Program (CAADP)
  • Manage USAID/Burma agriculture programs, provide technical advice and develop strategies
  • Serve as advisors to USAID/ BFS on gender equality, female empowerment, agricultural development, food security, nutrition, and resilience among other related areas
  • Assist in each stage of the development of the new Sustainable Seed Systems Program
  • Develop 2017 Global Outreach Plan for BFS
  • Lead the design process for a new East Africa regional agriculture program, requiring substantial consultation with regional stakeholders to align objectives and reduce overlap of existing program activities


  • Fielded more than 150 consultants in all 19 Feed the Future focus countries, as well as in several aligned countries
  • Maintain a growing database with over 300 mid and senior-level food security experts
  • Expanded pool of technical experts to include professionals in all six Feed the Future focus areas (climate-smart development, gender integration, improved nutrition, inclusive agricultural sector growth, private sector engagement, and research and capacity building)


USAID Bureau for Food Security

Feed the Future Initiative


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