Organizational and Workforce Development

BMGF Nigeria Monitoring, Learning, and Evaluation and Strategic Services

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SI is currently providing technical assistance to the BMGF Nigeria Country Office (NCO) in the form of strategy development and MLE assistance. SI is developing a MLE Framework to track the performance of the NCO’s strategy and provide a framework for alignment of its portfolio and investment efforts in Nigeria. By tracking progress and assessing contribution, the MLE Plan aims to provide a fuller picture of the NCO’s investment and strategy and ultimately guide leadership decision-making.

Vietnam Learns

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Through the "USAID Learns" activity, Social Impact is supporting USAID/Vietnam to streamline monitoring, evaluation, and learning (MEL) capacity across Mission teams, increase hands-on capacity building for local organizations and entities, implement innovative approaches, increase effective collaboration among stakeholders, and develop a highly utilized M&E system.

Strengthening Civil Society Globally

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SCS Global’s purpose is to identify and develop effective, evidence-based approaches to strengthen civil society and media organizations as key actors in the development process. SI’s role on this award is to support rigorous Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning in SCS implementation.

Strategic Planning & Change Management Support

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USAID’s Bureau for Management, Office of Management Services (M/MS) engaged Social Impact from 2015-17 to finalize and roll out new strategic plans and corresponding performance metrics for three of its stakeholder groups, including Executive Officers (EXOs) at USAID overseas Missions. In addition, SI is advising M/MS on change management for the successful implementation of these new Operations Strategies and metrics.

Food Security Service Center

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SI provides USAID with key technical assistance and services to support the US government’s Feed the Future initiative. This initiative aims to combat hunger, reduce poverty, and forge long-term solutions to chronic food insecurity and under nutrition. The Food Security Service Center serves as a resource for the USAID Bureau for Food Security and USAID Missions around the world.

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