Economic Growth

Kosovo Labor Force & Time Use Study

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Social Impact is implementing a nationally and regionally representative survey to help MCC design the Kosovo Threshold Program. The study explores labor force participation, with a strong focus on measuring formal and informal employment, vulnerable employment, underemployment, and entrepreneurship. The study also aims to shed light on factors inhibiting participation in the labor market, how Kosovans use their time, and how gender norms affect women’s labor force participation.

Afghanistan SUPPORT II

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SI works with Checchi and Company Consulting, Inc. to provide monitoring and evaluation services to improve the overall efficiency and effectiveness of USAID/Afghanistan’s programs through Services Under Program & Project Offices for Results Tracking Phase I and II

USAID Avansa Monitoring and Evaluation Project

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SI is working with USAID to support sustainable economic growth in the Timor-Leste agriculture sector. We provide monitoring and evaluation services to the USAID Mission to increase the use of evidence in the management of the Avansa Agrikultura Project.

Liberia Strategic Analysis

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SI provides analytical and advisory services to USAID/Liberia to support project design, performance monitoring and evaluation, and learning. SI contributes to improved governance, economic growth, health, and education programs by assisting the Mission with evidence-based decision making.

Ethiopia Performance Monitoring & Evaluation Services

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SI builds the capacity of USAID/Ethiopia and its partners to monitor and evaluate economic growth, health, and education projects. We foster learning and knowledge management to improve project design and programming in support of the USAID/Ethiopia Country Development and Cooperation Strategy.