Develop the internal and external-facing Nigeria Country Plan and subsequent deliverables to socialize the country strategy with internal leadership for sign-off. Develop a comprehensive and integrated MLE Framework and Plan to be used to track progress towards achieving targeted results for the Nigeria Country Plan. Align measurement and accountability between the NCO Plan, bodies of work, and primary health care investments in Nigeria through various platforms, portfolios, and investments.


For the NCO MLE framework’s development, SI conducted an extensive document review, curated a compendium of 500+ indicators from Nigeria and global sources, prioritized a set of indicators for NCO tracking and decision-making around a complex theory of change, identified and distilled 200+ learning questions using an inclusive process, outlined various evaluation methodologies for teasing out contribution, and engaged with NCO key stakeholders on key decision points.

SI led a series of participatory workshops and remote sessions with the NCO Program Officers and leaders. These workshops and sessions aligned the MLE Plan goals and content, socialized the BOW/pathways and outcomes, clarified critical MLE concepts and terms, and defined other cross-cutting areas, like integration and demand, which are parts of the NCO Plan and overarching strategy.

SI ultimately drafted the NCO MLE Plan and provided substantial support to the drafting of the Nigeria Country Plan. Both products included external and internal versions of the plans and accompanying slide decks for dissemination and synthesis.


  • SI supported the NCO leadership to revamp the Nigeria Country Plan and led the iteration of the Plan through multiple rounds of internal cross-functional reviews with leadership.
  • SI developed a framework for the MLE Plan and a roadmap for using MLE to gauge contribution and impact. SI also helped to develop new composite indicators to measure complex efforts directed towards a functional primary healthcare system in Nigeria and established a framework for a Primary Health Care Country Action Portfolio Evaluation (PHC CAPE).