Through providing short-term technical assistance to conduct performance evaluations and assessments, SI assists USAID/Afghanistan in understanding program impacts. By delivering high quality evaluation reports, SI equips USAID with the information needed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of programming.


SI draws from a roster of technical experts with extensive experience working in Afghanistan to provide monitoring and evaluation services in a variety of sectors, including municipal strengthening, land reform and agricultural development, health, gender integration, and infrastructure and electrical systems, among others. SI has provided technical expertise for performance evaluations, data quality assessments, and gender assessments.


  • Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP) Mid-term Evaluation (2016-17): The SI team examined the extent to which ACEP interventions had been effective in increasing civil society organizations’ ability to engage with government, monitor government accountability, and advocate for policy priorities. The team employed a mixed methods approach using rapid appraisal techniques including document review, key informant interviews, focus group discussions, and direct observation to obtain data during field visits throughout Afghanistan. Through data collection and analysis, the team placed special focus on gender, considering the participation of women in civil society. The evaluation report presented recommendations USAID/Afghanistan may utilize in conducting ACEP moving forward and in designing future civil society programming.
  • Gender Assessment of the Socio-cultural Determinates of Nutrition in Afghanistan (2014-15): Through this assessment, the SI team explored gender constraints and opportunities to inform USAID’s design of a planned nutrition project. SI trained local evaluation staff in conducting interviews, then traveled throughout Afghanistan to interview stakeholders from government and donor agencies, as well as NGOs (including clinic and nutrition program staff). The team also conducted a survey regarding child nutrition, and performed a detailed analysis of foods recommended for pregnant and lactating mothers and their babies. By analyzing the data collected, the team formulated a set of recommendations for effectively engaging both men and women in nutrition programming, as well as in related programming in agriculture and water and sanitation.


Afghan Civic Engagement Program (ACEP)
Mid-term Evaluation (2016-17)USAID/Afghanistan
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