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DEPA-MERL is funded by the USAID Global Development Lab. Partners in the consortium include Social Impact (prime), Search for Common Ground, and The William Davidson Institute at the University of Michigan.

The DEPA-MERL consortium will test DEs in different contexts within the Agency, documenting and disseminating lessons learned.


The consortium will gather evidence to encourage effective use of DEs to strengthen development programming. It will establish precedence and guidelines for undertaking DEs for evaluators, implementing partners, and donors.


  • Conduct up to six DE pilots. There are two ongoing DE pilots. One pilot is focused on a child protection program in Cambodia. Another one examines USAID’s uptake of innovations championed by the Global Development Lab. The consortium is actively seeking additional pilots.
  • Hold learning events.
  • Create knowledge products on various DE topics, such as webinars and conference presentations.
  • Evaluate the effectiveness of its pilots.


The DEs are providing just-in-time information to implementers and USAID, helping them adjust programming throughout the project. One implementer is using DE data to inform its approach to collaboration on a collective impact initiative. Another implementer used initial workshops to identify common terminology and goals within the work of various teams.

Developmental Evaluation Pilot – Family Care First in Cambodia


Developmental Evaluation for USAID

USAID Developmental Evaluation in Practice- Tips, Tools, and Templates