This study will provide an empirical basis to help MCC design the Kosovo Threshold Program.


The cross-sectional survey uses a stratified two-stage probability sampling plan, with primary sampling units as census enumeration areas (EAs) and secondary sampling units as households.

The data is being collected in 854 EAs distributed across all seven regions of Kosovo and 10 households within each EA, for a total sample size of 8540 households.

A listing exercise was conducted to map all households in the selected EAs to generate a sampling frame for the household survey.

The survey components include the following:

  • Household Roster, administered to the head of household (or person most knowledgeable on the labor force status of household members) collecting demographic and employment data on each household member above the age of 15.
  • Extended Interview, administered to one randomly selected male and one randomly selected female per household between the ages of 18-74 collecting data on demographics, labor force participation, time use, gender norms, and other factors.
  • Time Use Diary, administered as part of the extended interview capturing the respondents’ activities for the most recent 24-hour period.


MCC Kosovo Threshold Program

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