Through the MEL framework, SI ensures common measurement, shared learning, and more effective programming.

This Framework compares approaches between the four regional leadership centers. It facilitates communication and learning between RLCs and stakeholders; and identifies and closes knowledge gaps. Social Impact addresses emergent learning needs from the RLCs over a three-year period through performance and impact evaluations, learning summits, and shorter learning products.


Ultimately the MEL Framework seeks to create an evidence base for youth leadership development programming in Sub Saharan Africa.


  • In the design phase, SI facilitated workshops with YALI RLC stakeholders in Ghana, Kenya, Senegal, and South Africa to establish an overarching theory of change, indicators and learning questions for evaluations and assessments.
  • In the implementation phase SI will launch a Management Information System to capture monitoring data, conduct assessments, and performance and impact evaluations to inform ongoing learning
  • Annual Learning Summits will convene all stakeholders to support knowledge transfer, and will be complemented with interim learning and dissemination tools and products.
  • Performance and Impact evaluations will take place to understand the outcomes of the project.


  • Vetted and finalized MEL Framework with all stakeholders
  • Held first Annual Learning Summit in Dakar, Senegal and discussed progress, challenges and lessons learned to date across RLC stakeholders


YALI Regional Leadership Centers