Webinar: Developmental Evaluation: A Tool for Operational Effectiveness 

Date: Friday, April 14, 9- 10 AM EST 


  • Danielle de Garcia, Social Impact, Vice President, Strategy, Performance, and Learning Division 
  • Chris Thompson, Social Impact, Technical Director, Strategy, Performance, and Learning Division 
  • Laura Ahearn, Social Impact, Technical Director, Strategy, Performance, and Learning Division 
  • Shannon L. Griswold, USAID, Sr. Learning Advisor – PPL, LER, CLA 

While most folks agree that adaptive management is crucial to improving operational effectiveness, often teams struggle with what that looks like tangibly – particularly when dealing with bureaucratic or administrative hurdles. Over the past 10 years, USAID has begun to test the ability of developmental evaluation (DE) to put adaptive management into action. In addressing the Agency’s Learning Question Agenda on operational effectiveness, this session will discuss how DE has been able to improve programming and effectiveness for USAID HQ, host country governments, and partner organizations alike; and what obstacles they have encountered along the way. Panelists who have served on DEs at different levels and across different geographies will share what they’ve learned about DEs’ ability to contribute to enhanced operations within the USAID context. 

This webinar has been selected as a guest hosted session in USAID’s Agency Learning and Evidence Month 2023. Its content and discussion will support the Agency’s learning agenda question on Operational Effectiveness: How can USAID better streamline systems, processes and resources to meet long-term needs identified by Missions, while enabling the flexibility to respond quickly to unexpected shifts in context? 

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Evidence for Impact is a webinar series hosted by Social Impact. The purpose of Evidence for Impact is to shine a spotlight on examples and innovations in generating and using evidence to improve program outcomes. It features program leaders and researchers who exchange ideas, experiences, and resources on how to make faster and more effective use of evidence and learning to drive programming and policy decisions.

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