We are pleased to announce the opening of our newest field office in Bangladesh. Our team based in Dhaka will provide flexible and demand-driven technical services for monitoring, evaluation, and learning to the USAID/Bangladesh Office of Democracy and Governance.

Jade Lamb will serve as Chief of Party for our field team. Coming from SI’s headquarters, Ms. Lamb brings ten years’ experience conducting monitoring and evaluation of international development activities in countries throughout Africa, Asia, and the Middle East.

Our team will build on six years of collaboration with the Office of Democracy and Governance promoting learning and evidence-based decision making. We will continue to advance the Office’s portfolio through tailored assistance with performance management, monitoring, and evaluation. Working closely with USAID and implementing partner personnel, SI aims to increase their capacity to monitor performance, measure progress, and use data effectively.

SI will conduct third party monitoring and data quality assessments to assess USAID-funded activities conducted throughout Bangladesh. These activities aim to strengthen political parties, promote rule of law, protect labor rights, increase access to information, combat trafficking in persons, and counter violent extremism.

“We welcome this opportunity to re-establish SI’s on-the-ground presence in Dhaka. Close collaboration with USAID and its implementing partners will enable us to maximize the impact of development activities in Bangladesh,” commented SI Executive Vice President Kerry Bruce.