Social Media Analysis

SI is conducting an ongoing social media analysis of USAID/Lebanon to assist with COVID-19 communication efforts. SI’s team has regularly produced success stories for USAID Lebanon’s Facebook page, by identifying exemplary beneficiaries of USAID programming and highlighting their stories through compelling short videos. The team additionally compiled stories for the Facebook page to reflect USAID’s ongoing COVID-19 response activities in Lebanon. SI’s contributions have facilitated consistent messaging and increased visibility for USAID’s COVID-19 activities.

Virtual Collaboration

SI’s Vietnam Field Office continues to provide virtual collaboration tools and platforms for USAID/Vietnam during COVID-19. SI provided a virtual training with USAID’s implementing partners on the agency’s new performance management platform, the Development Information Solution. Through a virtual platform, SI also conducted co-creation facilitation with USAID and its disability portfolio partners for an upcoming project award. The pivot to virtual platforms enabled continuity of the Mission’s activities despite the pandemic, and facilitated continued learning between the field office, Mission, and implementing partners.

Rapid Impact Assessment

Social Impact conducted a rapid assessment for USAID/Cambodia to provide current information and emerging considerations related to the COVID-19 pandemic. This assessment included a desk review of donor reports, news articles from U.S. and Cambodian media outlets, journal articles, and 14 key informant interviews. The rapid assessment featured implications and considerations for a selection of key sectors such as Health, Education, Agriculture, Environment, Economic Growth and more. SI’s assessment will help USAID/Cambodia inform and adapt its new Country Development Cooperation Strategy planning process in Cambodia and will serve as a model for other Missions.

Maps Depicting Viral Spread

Through its Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Support Programs and field offices, SI is already working to support USAID Missions as the crisis evolves, by supporting business continuity and providing monitoring, analytical, and knowledge management services to support the COVID-19 response. GIS specialists in SI’s Ethiopia, Liberia, and Lebanon field offices are regularly producing real-time maps overlaying program activities with the spread of the virus. GIS mapping has already helped these Missions identify opportunities for existing activities working in COVID-19 risk areas to pivot to preventative or responsive actions.

Developmental Evaluation

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