Samir Panjwani joined SI in 2017. Currently serving as Technical Director within Social Impact’s (SI) Strategy, Performance, and Learning (SPL) division, Samir works with international development clients to identify and implement the right tools to examine progress toward desired outcomes. In past and current assignments at SI, this included developing and overseeing a country-wide context monitoring and adaptation system, identifying and defining standard and custom institutional performance indicators, overseeing and implementing performance evaluations, and guiding the development of digital products to encourage learning and adaptation. Mr. Panjwani has extensive experience conducting trainings, facilitating workshops, and developing content for synchronous and asynchronous learning. Samir also oversees and supports the deployment and use of diverse digital products for SPL and its clients, such as dashboards, digital repositories, and app-based survey platforms.

With over 18 years of professional experience – including long-term assignments in Afghanistan, India, Kenya, and Tajikistan – Mr. Panjwani has substantive experience working with government foreign aid agencies, non-governmental organizations, quasi-government organizations, civil society organizations, implementing partners, and foundations. This includes significant experience with USAID, DOS, MCC, FCDO, GAC, the Aga Khan Foundation, and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. These engagements cover a range of sectors including early childhood development, elementary and primary education, workforce skills development, urban job creation, rural development, civil society strengthening, and public health.

Samir holds an MA with distinction in Poverty and Development from the University of Sussex’s Institute of Development Studies. He is also an alumnus of the American India Foundation’s Banyan Impact Fellowship (formerly the William J. Clinton Fellowship for Service) and the Aga Khan Foundation Canada’s International Development Management Fellowship.