Joe leads impact evaluations, large-scale surveys, assessments, and other research projects with a sectoral focus on land tenure, labor, governance, democracy, and agriculture.

As a Technical Director at SI’s Evaluation, Research, and Analytics Division, he currently leads the design and implementation of a nationally representative public opinion poll in Mali and a research project on the formal certification of communal lands in select African countries on behalf of USAID. 

Joe has over fifteen years of experience in research and evaluation and has conducted fieldwork in Indonesia, India, Bangladesh, Uganda, Ghana, Ethiopia, Zambia, Pakistan, and Botswana.  Prior to joining SI, he worked as a Statistician in the Department of Labor’s Chief Evaluation Office and as an activity manager for USAID’s cash benchmarking learning agenda.

He holds a PhD in Government from the University of Texas at Austin, an MPA from New York University, and a BA in Political Studies from Pitzer College. He has advanced Indonesian language skills.