Social Impact, in coordination with subcontractor Synergy International Systems, developed the first ever electronic data monitoring system developed for USAID in Liberia. Integrated with USAID/Liberia’s Performance Indicator Data System (PIDS), the electronic monitoring platform is called ePIDS. The system is managed through the Liberia Strategic Analysis contract, implemented by Social Impact. ePIDS establishes a “one stop-shop” for managing data. ePIDS is used to fill out forms on phones and tablets, monitor incoming data in real-time; and identify progress, or catch any signs of trouble related to an activity.

Improves data collection

ePIDS is widely used by the USAID Development Objective Teams for data collection and monitoring. Since the introduction of ePIDS, the teams have submitted up to 80 Site Visit Forms.

One of the regular ePIDS users, Mr. Kokulo Yorgbor, Jr., noted, “Data collection is an integral part of successful environmental monitoring. To ensure robust environmental compliance monitoring, large data must be collected and turned into information for timely decision making.” He commented,

“The introduction of ePIDS for site visits is contributing immensely to successful data collection in aid of our monitoring activities. ePIDS has enabled me to efficiently collect and deliver environmental compliance data electronically to a central database where the team leader, COR/AOR and others can review and take prompt actions. It has also helped to reduce the amount of time between data collection and delivery. This platform is indeed a good tool for environmental compliance monitoring.”

Facilitates evidence-based decision-making

ePIDS significantly enhances management decision-making. The application is helping the management team to identify specific issues within implementation and follow up on it. For example, the ePIDS dashboard can highlight an issue about an activity not collecting relevant data for a Performance Plan Report (PPR) indicator. A senior level manager can pick up the specific detail to ensure that the issue is resolved.

Scott Rawson, LSA COR said, “The ePIDS tool is an innovative system that has greatly improved and streamlined processes here in the Mission. Site visit reporting has always been an important element with regards to our monitoring and evaluating processes. The ePIDS platform now allows us to more efficiently collect and aggregate timely information to help inform Mission level decision-making.”

Features improve usability and accessibility

Data is synchronized between the ePIDS application and the PIDS server. For example, a Data Quality Assessment Form completed on the ePIDS app is instantly accessible under the activity’s name on the PIDS server. This eliminates one having to download the DQA report and attach it to the PIDS server. In addition, once an individual has a PIDS account, the same account name and password is used to login into the ePIDS app. This also eliminates managing multiple passwords.

Key features of ePIDS include:

  • Collection of (online/offline) data using smart devices
  • Generation of new DQA or Site Visit forms for each activity/location
  • Online/offline capture of GPS coordinates
  • Accessibility for download (for PIDS account holders) for Apple and Android users via the following app stores: Windows, Apple Store and Google Play Store

ePIDS Dashboards can display the following:

  • How many activities that have site visits per DO
  • How many activities that have site visits per county
  • Issues flagged in activities and site visits and link to the site visit form to see the issue(s)