Social Impact is proud to support the five-year USAID/Mali Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) Platform. In partnership with @Cicores and @Premise Data Corporation, SI will provide USAID/Mali with technical and advisory services for: (1) Monitoring support through a Third-Party Monitoring (TPM) mechanism; (2) Evaluation Services and Surveys; and (3) Collaborating, Learning and Adaptive Management (CLA) and Communication Services. We look forward to working through this platform, to assist USAID/Mali and its partners to generate and use empirical data and to foster learning and knowledge management through a participatory process. The objective is that our support will facilitate evidence-based decision making at the programmatic and strategic levels that will benefit the people of Mali.  

Shiro Gnanaselvam, President and CEO of Social Impact, expressed that “We are proud to support USAID’s Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning platform over the next five years. We look forward to drawing on our extensive experience around the world, and particularly in other similarly complex contexts, to provide USAID with the data and evidence it needs to continuously learn from and adapt its programming for the benefit of the Malian people.” 

Rebecca Lawrence, Vice President of the Program Management Unit (PMU), shared that “Social Impact is excited to expand its monitoring, evaluation, learning and CLA work in Mali. Our outstanding team of international, regional, and local experts and partners will support USAID by generating actionable data for evidence-based decision making and stronger programmatic results across the Mission’s complex, integrated activities.” 


Photo by: Souleymane Sogoba, Program Office, USAID/Mali