This fall the Millennium Challenge Corporation awarded new work to Social Impact in seven countries across the globe. We are proud to continue supporting MCC’s mission of poverty reduction, by providing a wide range of rigorous research services.

Benin: Working closely with our partners at Duke University, our team will conduct a multi-level evaluation of the Off-Grid Energy Access Project. The study will include a performance evaluation of a grant facility, an impact evaluation of discrete off-grid investments, and a cost-benefit analysis.

El Salvador: Under the prime contractor Jacobs, SI will develop evaluability assessments and evaluation designs for the Compact I Connectivity Project and Compact II Logistical Infrastructure Project. SI will work in partnership with Jacobs and TRL to carry out the evaluations of both projects.

Indonesia: SI is proud to continue our involvement in the Green Prosperity initiative. The follow-on contract includes three evaluations: Off-Grid Renewable Energy Grant Portfolio Evaluation, Participatory Land Use Planning Portfolio Evaluation, and Cocoa Grant Portfolio Evaluation.

Lesotho: SI will work under URC on the MCC Lesotho Reducing the Burden of HIV/AIDS and Health Systems Strengthening Activity. We will support MCC with due diligence services related to HIV/AIDS constraints to economic growth in Lesotho. Our work will assess the multi-dimensional drivers of HIV, innovative financing and service delivery, and government efforts to reduce burden, improve health services, and strengthen health systems.

Mozambique: SI, together with our partners, The Cloudburst Group, will conduct the endline evaluation for MCC’s Land Tenure Services Project. Our team will conduct impact evaluations of the institutional reforms and land tenure regularization and titling activities under the Mozambique Compact, and a performance evaluation of Land Project sustainability.

Senegal: Under the prime contractor Jacobs, SI will conduct political and economic analyses, an evaluability assessment, and develop evaluation designs and reports for MCC Senegal’s Roads Rehabilitation Project. SI will work in partnership with Jacobs and TRL to carry out the evaluation.

Sierra Leone: SI will implement the Threshold Program Evaluation. This will involve both performance and impact evaluations of water and electricity sector projects to better understand activity implementation, validity of program logics, lessons learned, and the sustainability of results.