Kinerja focused on improving local governments’ service delivery in the areas of health, education, and business-enabling environment across five provinces in Indonesia.


Social Impact

  • Designed the Performance Management Plan (PMP) for managing and documenting all aspects of Kinerja performance management over five years.
  • Monitored activities focusing primarily on providing key information for managerial decision-making and oversight, including completion of two Papua-based assessments (pre-post) and a midterm evaluation and assessment.
  • Conducted Kinerja’s Impact Evaluations to identify the actual effects of the project accurately and credibly at the district level and within schools in West Kalimantan.


In addition to the successful completion of monitoring support to the project, SI completed two rigorous impact evaluations that identified impacts from Kinerja’s five-year implementation period.

The randomized control trial impact evaluations tested (1) district-level impacts of the program and (2) school-level impacts of the school-based management (SBM) sub-activity.

The evaluation team found improvements across nearly all education and health indicators at the district level, though there was no evidence that positive changes were attributable to the program.

The SBM study found a number of significant improvements in intermediate outcomes:

  • Better functioning school committees
  • Key school management documents more widely available
  • More information provided to parents
  • Parents more satisfied with schools

The evaluation did not find evidence of improvements in higher-level outcomes, including school facilities, enrollment, attendance, or parental aspirations for their child’s education.

The evaluation team found evidence of positive changes and attributable impacts on governance outcomes but no clear evidence of sectoral changes due to Kinerja.

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