The Performance Management and Support Program for Lebanon II (PMSPL II) aims to support the implementation of USAID/Lebanon’s Performance Management Plan, and strengthen Implementing Partners’ Monitoring and Evaluation efforts.


  • Conduct Project Site Verification Visits to ensure Implementing Mechanisms have reported data, beneficiaries, inventory, and trainings accurately.
  • Ensure the integration of Gender issues into USAID/Lebanon’s activities
  • Support USAID/Lebanon’s Geographic Information System activities
  • Provide evaluation services
  • Build the capacity of local organizations in M&E
  • Assist in project design, management, and reporting
  • Provide quality control for the designs and implementation of construction funded by USAID
  • Contribute to Development Outreach and Communication efforts
  • Conduct special studies and assessments to inform USAID strategic decision making
  • Provide architectural and engineering backstopping for USAID/Lebanon to ensure quality construction.


PMSPL II acts as the M&E platform for USAID/Lebanon proactively engaging with Mission staff to respond, propose, and conduct routine monitoring of project activities and performance indicator reporting. Through continuous coaching, direct technical support, developed tools and well-focused workshops, Implementing Partners now have better monitoring skills and increased knowledge of USAID compliance requirements. The project has a dedicated gender specialist who applies a gender lens to all project activities, increasing awareness of the need for differently designed services and approaches.

Architecture and construction monitoring, a featured component of PMSPL II, resulted in improved rehabilitation of more than 150 public schools and better designed and constructed local development projects implemented by more than 40 municipalities.

The GIS unit provides the Mission and Implementing Partners with the design and generation of static maps, data acquisition such as satellite imagery, and spatial and statistical analysis of spatial data. By the end of FY2016, the project generated a rich portfolio of maps and a series satellite imageries.

PMSPL’s evaluation activities produced findings and recommendations that USAID incorporated in the design of Concept Papers and Project Appraisal Documents for new water, microfinance and reforestation projects. The project also conducted assessments in the fields of education, water and wastewater, workforce development, rule of law, local governance, and gender integration. The assessment findings and recommendations inform Mission decision making.

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