MCC’s Jordan Compact aimed to increase the supply of fresh water to homes and businesses in Zarqa Governorate, improving economic growth and quality of life.  The program included three interrelated projects designed to; (1) renovate water supply infrastructure to improve the efficiency of fresh water delivery into the city, (2) expand the sewerage system to increase volume of wastewater collection, and (3) expand the As-Samra wastewater treatment plant’s capacity to provide treated wastewater to farms.


This evaluation will measure the Compact’s impact on water access and usage in Zarqa and the Jordan Valley, and ultimately its effect on poverty and economic growth.


Social Impact is implementing a rigorous, quasi-experimental impact evaluation designed to measure individual and synergistic impacts of the three Compact projects. The regional water system is complex and inter-connected, so we draw on multiple data sources and use several analytical techniques to capture the full effects of the program.

Zarqa Urban Region

  • Design: Propensity-score matching to establish counterfactual
  • Data Collection:
    • Surveys of 3,440 households (4-year panel)
    • Surveys of l345 enterprises (3-year panel)
    • Survey of 1,500 newly-settled refugees (predominantly from Syria)
    • Survey of 500 water-vendors
    • Water quality testing at household taps
    • Qualitative interviews with beneficiaries

Jordan Valley Farmers

  • Design: Natural experiment and water balance modeling to establish counterfactual
  • Data Collection:
    • Agricultural survey with 550 farmers in 5 regions of the valley (3-year panel)
    • Modelling of water flows into the valley.

Water Utility Performance

  • Design: Performance evaluation with impact evaluation elements
  • Data Collection:
    • Household water meter testing (treatment/control comparison)
    • Tracking of utility performance indicators
    • Night flow analysis to measure physical water losses


Midline results expected Summer 2017


MCC Jordan Compact (2011- 2016)