The water sector project was part of the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s Compact I with the Government of Tanzania (2008-2013). MCC contracted SI to conduct the independent impact evaluation of the project. SI will capture knowledge and lessons learned that could lead to improvements in the design and implementation of future MCC water sector projects.


This evaluation will provide evidence about the impacts of large-scale urban water infrastructure interventions in dynamic and rapidly growing urban settings.


  • This rigorous, mixed-methods evaluation employs both quantitative and quantitative techniques. We combine statistical matching methods and econometric models with in-depth qualitative analyses.
  • Data collection methods include:
    • household surveys of more than 5,000 households
    • water quality testing from water treatment plants, household taps, and point of consumption
    • direct measurement of water supply from household taps using pressure sensors
    • secondary data extraction from utility monitoring data
    • site visits and direct observation at water treatment plants
    • focus group discussions and key informant interviews
  • Evaluation timeline:
    • Baseline data collection completed 2013
    • Midline data collection completed 2015
    • Endline data collection planned for 2017


Baseline report

Midline report


MCC Tanzania Compact I (2008-2013)