The Compact strives to (1) reduce the cost of doing business in Malawi, (2) expand electricity access and availability for Malawian people and businesses and (3) increase value-added production.


SI provides the following evaluation services during the Compact Program:

  • Lead performance and process evaluation of the Power Sector Reform Program (PSRP) to measure the financial, operational, and governance changes within the power sector over time
  • Conduct enterprise survey and household focus group discussions across Malawi’s three regions to understand businesses and household’s attitudes and experiences with the utility, ESCOM.
  • Analyze metering to measure forced outages, load shedding, and planned outages.
  • Disseminate report results to stakeholders in Malawi and Washington DC to inform ongoing programmatic learning


  • Conducted baseline and midline data collection for the PSRP, and identified indicators to measure success at the midline and endline of the PSRP evaluation
  • Presented PSRP baseline conclusions to stakeholders in Malawi and Washington DC which promoted learning on MCC’s reform-related investments


MCC Malawi

Contact: projects@socialimpact.com