The Civil Society Activity (CSA) is seeking the services of an organization that will apply proved methodologies to map the Civil Society Sector in Mexico with emphasis in the northern region of Mexico. The mapping shall show the relationships between Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and other influential groups, private sector, academic sector, government institutions and other connected actors either formal or informal.

The Offeror will be responsible for assessing the system in which CSOs develop and operate and illustrate a visual map with the previously mentioned criteria. All processes are to be designed and developed under the guidance and supervision of the CSA Team. The proposed activity is scheduled to commence on/around March 2019 and to conclude on/around June 2019. The maximum level of funding is USD 100,000 subject to a proposed and detailed budget with budget notes.

SI requests that all bidders examine the specific requirements contained in this Request for Proposals (RFP) and prepare responses pursuant to the terms of this RFP. In addition, please see the eligibility and restrictions before bidding. Organizations interested in bidding on any part of this RFP are asked to express interest in writing by the deadline for questions, January 21st, 2019,  18.00 EST time. No proposal materials are required with this expression of interest. The expression of interest is requested to assist SI for strategic planning purposes. All questions and answers related to the RFP can be found hereThe deadline to submit proposals is Thursday, February 7th, 2019, 18.00 EST. Please refer to the full RFP for a detailed documentation of project background and scope of work.

All materials are to be submitted to [email protected] and copying [email protected] and [email protected].