The Millennium Challenge Corporation has contracted an independent agency, Social Impact, Inc. (SI) to evaluate the implementation of the Compact. Social Impact intends to hire a data collection firm (Subcontractor) to manage the implementation of endline household focus group discussions (FGDs). The FGDs are intended to provide endline data for the exploration of energy challenges and changes over time at the household level and to evaluate the Infrastructure Development Project (IDP) as well as some aspects of the Power Sector Reform Program (PSRP). 

At baseline (Phase I, in 2016)the evaluation selected several beneficiary case study communities based on 1) region and 2) a combination of income and access to electricity. series of 27 baseline focus group discussions (FGDs) were conducted with adult males, adult females, and youth in these case study communities. This work will be replicated as part of the end-of-compact study (Phase II)Data collection is expected to begin in August 2019 and last three weeks. 

SI requests that all bidders examine the specific requirements contained in this Request for Proposals (RFP) and prepare responses pursuant to the terms of this RFP. All questions related to the RFP are to be submitted by Monday, June 10, 2019 and will be answered by Wednesday, June 12, 2019, 17.00 ET. The deadline to submit proposals is Friday, June 21, 2019, 17.00 ET. Please refer to the RFP for a detailed documentation of project background and scope of work. 

Key Documents:

Annex A – Budget Template
Annex B – Draft Protocols
Annex C – Screening Tool and Protocol
Annex D – Mini-Survey Tool
Annex E – Example FGD Facilitation Questions
Questions and Responses

Points of contact: Corinna Bordewieck [email protected], Daniel Sabet [email protected]and Julia Kresky [email protected]